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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Captain Sikh America Fights Bigotry With Cosplay

Thanks to Colorlines for the video link: Watch Captain Sikh America in 'Red, White, and Beard'. If you recognize Vishavjit Singh, the man behind the Captain Sikh America costume, it's because he's gained popularity in the past year. He's been interviewed, featured in a Facebook advert, and now has a short online film centered around him and his project of fighting intolerance in America. You can even follow him on Twitter!

The full Red, White and Beard film can be found below:

Singh is a ridiculously talented, brave individual. I hope his costumed approach wins even more hearts and exposes more of America's issues in 2015. Plus, his costume is seriously cool looking. Are we sure that isn't really Cap's shield he's wielding? He handles it like a pro. I'm pretty sure that if we handed Singh the handle to Mjolnir, he would be able to swing it around like a whiffle bat.