Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: Washed Right Out, Chapter Six

Bugger long intros. The latest Wednesday Brief is here! In this new part of Washed Right Out, we see Riley at work and the story briefly sidelines its tale of romance and woe for some workplace hijinks. Enjoy!

Note: Some portions of this story are NSFW. It's just text, but read with caution just to be safe.

Washed Right Out, Chapter Six. Prompts used: It’s all red and swollen, fax, lunch box, nail.
And so Riley Paolini spent the rest of Wednesday and the following Thursday morning worrying about what fiendish, terrible scheme Samantha and Karen had in store for him. Whatever it was, it was bound to be weird, possibly humiliating to his body, and involving something extremely nerdy.
Wednesday night, between episodes of "House of Cards", he’d called Karen and told her he'd spilled the beans to Samantha earlier that day. Luckily, Sam hadn't been too cut up about the whole thing, especially after Karen offered her own apology for keeping the details a secret—in fact, Riley had to keep Karen from pulling out the complete details of exactly how she made it up to her girlfriend.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

PR: Viz's SuBLime Imprint Announces New Licenses At Yaoi Con 2014


San Francisco, CA, September 15, 2014SuBLime, the global yaoi manga publishing initiative between VIZ Media and Japan’s Animate, Ltd. (Animate), provided detailed updates for a variety of brand-new and continuing yaoi manga titles during its YaoiCon 2014 panel this past weekend in San Francisco. News of the acquisitions of several exclusive new digital and print titles thrilled fans in attendance.

To the delight of many fans, SuBLime announced plans to release Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou’s LOVE STAGE!! (Rated ‘M’ for Mature) in print starting May 2015 with additional volumes to follow every other month. In this romantic comedy, the protagonist’s family is packed with famous celebrities but Izumi Sena is actually a huge otaku with aspirations of becoming a manga creator.

SuBLime also detailed plans to publish GINGER HONEY (Rated ‘M’ for Mature), creator Isaku Natsume’s humorous follow-up to DEVIL’S HONEY (also published by SuBLime), which is set for digital-only release February 2015.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Poll Alert: What Titles Should Nagareboshi Reviews Cover In October?

It's almost October, which means nightmare fuel and spooky stuff and way too many pumpkins. I'm hoping to spend most of this October blogging about the horror side of anime and manga, which means examining some specific titles. But I could use some help picking out titles to focus on!

Below is an open poll with some suggestions on horror anime/manga that haven't been extensively covered on this blog. Feel free to share the poll around so I know what other people are looking for when it comes to niche titles.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Open Thread: Peter Capaldi is the Doctor

"Clara, am I a good man?" You tell us, Malcolm -
err, I mean, Doctor.
All right, fellow Whovians. It's time to dish. We're now three episodes into series 8 of Doctor Who and our new Doctor, played by Scot actor Peter Capaldi. His Doctor and Clara have been fighting dinosaurs, inside Daleks, and making merry with Robin Hood for the past three weeks - and this Saturday's episode promises to be a spooky, eerie entry.

How is everyone taking to the Twelfth Doctor? Do you like his demeanor, his outfit, his accent? Are you able to watch Capaldi strut across time and space without making Thick Of It jokes? Tell me - please! Double brownie points if you have any interesting theories on what is going on with "Missy" and her paradise garden.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fujoshi O'Clock (9/10/14)

What time is it? It's Fujoshi O'Clock, the biweekly feature at Nagareboshi Review, when I bring to you the latest fujoshi-related news and reviews and various shiny BL-flavored things. There is also a focus on trans and bisexual anime/manga. Why? Because rotten girls need love too!

This week on Fujoshi O'Clock:


Am I missing your blog? Got some awesome fujoshi-related news and reviews you think deserve a shout-out? Poke me with a link and a bit of description over at my Twitter: @theseventhl. I'm always on the look out for more BL love!