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Monday, July 4, 2011

AMV Of The Week: Set Them Up

I've been told first impressions make all the difference, and it's no different when it comes to starting a blog. Ergo, I can only imagine what my readers will think of Nagareboshi Reviews after this post, in which I bring to an AMV about traps.

What are traps? Put simply, it's a boy in girl's clothing. Don't say I didn't warn you! Oh, what a thing to post on the Fourth of July . . .

AMV: ♥ Traps ♥ [ Set Them Up ]
Author: hikikomoe (formerly Obsessivemuch)
Music: "Starstrukk" by 3OH!3 feat. Katy Perry
Warnings: NSFW. Contains some scandalous imagery and fan service. Also, Boku no Pico.

All kidding aside, this video is amazingly well put together. The editing is top notch, the music matches the video step by step, and the entire thing is an absolute treat to watch (especially if you like traps ♥). As someone who usually gets bored watching this kind of 'clip show' AMVs, I found "Set Them Up" to be entertaining and moved at a steady enough clip to stay from being dull without going too fast.

Plus, traps! I quite like traps, whether they be typical traps or 'reverse traps' like Haruhi in the Ouran series. Of course, not all traps are just boys in skirts or girls in pants. See: Kashimashi, in which the boy is put into a girl's body with no thanks to a pair of clumsy aliens who accidentally kill him with their spaceship. Whoops? Still, it ends up fueling a very entertaining yuri-filled 12 episodes (only twelve, because there is no OVA and there will never be an OVA rage rage rage I didn't want that couple as endgame WHY?)

If you want to know what anime was used to make it, you can check the credits of the video. I actually knew a fair number of them which surprised me - including Maria Holic, Sukisho, and the infamous Boku no Pico. Enjoy the fan video and don't forget to check back next week for a new AMV pick!


Katie said...

I tried watching Boku no Pico once... it made me want to stab out my eyes. XD

What couple does Kashimashi end with (don't know if it's different from the manga, haven't finished watching it) and which one did you want?

The Seventh L said...

@Katie I didn't get very far either xD

The main Kashimashi anime ends the opposite way as the manga - with Hazumu/Yasuna - which is what I wanted above all else. And then the OVA that follows was like LOL NOPE YOU GET HAZUMU/TOMARI INSTEAD TROLL FACE DOT JPEG. Plus the OVA is just terrible and cheesy all around so I pretend it does not exist. BECAUSE IT DOESN'T. Not to me.

Katie said...

But Hazumu/Tomari is so much better. :P

The Seventh L said...



(Okay, I liked Hazumu/Tomari in the manga but Hazumu/Yasuna was my OTP of all OTPs in the anime.)

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