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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rebuild of Blog 1.0: We Are (Not) In Hiatus!

Hey guys, guess what? A new post? Yes, that's right: Nagareboshi Reviews is back in business! Did you miss me? Fantastic. I missed y'all too. School wiped out all my free time but now that winter break is here, it's time to wipe the dust off the good blog and bring it back to life - albeit looking a little differently than when it went into hiatus.

As of now, Nagareboshi Reviews is a manga-focused blog. Does this mean no anime ever? No! It's just that the main focus of the blog will be manga, light novels, and related materials. This does, however, mean I'm retiring the AMV Of The Week feature. Sorry! The next one you see will be the last one. It's been fun but it actually takes a bit of time culling together AMVs from a website filled with 'em. Hopefully, the last one will be awesome enough that you will forgive me for shutting the feature down. 

Having said all of that, I look forward to blogging again! Manga has always been my passion, as is blogging, and I intend to honor both passions the best I can with this particular blog. Nagareboshi Reviews is a labor of love. I hope you stick around a bit longer and see what it's capable of when up and running. Thank you!

Please use this post as an opportunity to tell me any concerns or ideas or whatever you have about the blog. Comments are always open so feel free to drop me a line!