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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Open Thread: Star Trek Into Darkness

Spoiler warning: Post and comment section will have spoilers for the new Star Trek film.

Yesterday morning (I do love me a morning movie!), me and my best friends had the honor of seeing the latest in the JJ Abrams/Bad Robot reboot of the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek Into Darkness (a movie made a hundred times better when sitting next to a Trekkie more seasoned than myself). If Star Trek was an introduction to the newly rebooted Enterprise crew, STID is their official entry into Trekdom, five year mission and all. It was shiny - oh, the lens flare! - and full of action and explosions and old school Trek references but it also had heart and was thoroughly entertaining. Perfect? No, but it is a worthy follow-up to the 2009 film.

Here are a couple things about Star Trek Into Darkness worth talking about, to get the ball rolling:

- The evolution of James T. Kirk as he turns into the starship captain TOS fans know and love. Although I wished we saw more of the nerdy genius side of Kirk.

- Benedict Cumberbatch as - well - you know
- The Spock/Uhura relationship, which has become canon and, IMHO, is great but could do without so much forced squabbling for drama's sake.
- All the TOS references! Anyone else catch the minuscule reference to "Mudd's Women"? That's not the only reference Abrams threw in there...
- KLINGONS. And Uhura speaking Klingon! Be still, my fangirl heart!

Feel free to expand on anything else in the comment section! I'm personally still starry-eyed over my Enterprise faves, Bones (who is really tapping into his Georgia boy accent this time round) and Chekov (who should probably stay on the bridge from now on!).