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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Open Thread: Thor 2

Spoilers for the Marvel Cinematic Universe series in the comment section, probably!

I saw Thor 2: The Dark World this morning and if this is how Phase 2 is going to be rolling out, with this and Iron Man 3 to start, than Phase 2 might end up being stronger in storytelling and character development than MCU's Phase 1. I also love the look of Asgard in this latest film, especially the Rainbow Bridge which seems less shiny and more plausible, if that makes sense.

So let's talk about all the great things that made Thor: The Dark World a blockbuster film!

  • Heimdall, who was awesome!
  • Sif and her Warriors Three, who were also awesome!
  • Thor, who stood up for his girlfriend and has clearly developed since The Avengers!
  • How amazingly funny this movie is, given some of the plot twists and that the war between Asgard and the Elves isn't exactly bloodless.
  • JANE FOSTER AND THE POWER OF SCIENCE. Also, lovable Darcy and Dr Selvig, who is lovable in an entirely different way. Can we have Jane/Darcy/Selvig spin-off?
  • The Dark Elves, which were actually interesting villains - and the main Elves were played by the Ninth Doctor from Doctor Who and Mr Eko from LOST, making them that much cooler. Although I can only imagine what a pain it is to sit for all that make-up every day.
  • L O K I
  • Stan Lee cameo!
  • And yes, stick around for after the credits - both times!