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Saturday, June 21, 2014

(Bisco Hatori's) Winter Is Coming

The continuation of Bisco Hatori's early manga series of romance and vampires and werewolves, Millennium Snow, has me excited to see how the manga-ka will revive the title after taking time off for the immensely popular Ouran High School Host Club. So naturally, I will be revisiting the first two volumes, created very early in Hatori's career, which is very evident from the art style and writing.

Buuuut that won't be until tomorrow. Until then, please enjoy this AMV (MMV? Manga Music Video?) I've found based on Millennium Snow's manga. And then wonder what kind of anime this title would make. If the same team who brought Ouran to life worked on the story of Chiyuki and Toya, that would be fine by me!

Y'know, for a manga that up until recently only had two volumes worth of material, there are a fair amount of fan vids about it on YouTube! I'm sure the number will rise when fans realize the new Millennium Snow chapters are being put out in English by Shojo Beat now. And maybe there will be less Avril Lavigne songs on the Chiyuki/Toya vids.