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Friday, September 12, 2014

Open Thread: Peter Capaldi is the Doctor

"Clara, am I a good man?" You tell us, Malcolm -
err, I mean, Doctor.
All right, fellow Whovians. It's time to dish. We're now three episodes into series 8 of Doctor Who and our new Doctor, played by Scot actor Peter Capaldi. His Doctor and Clara have been fighting dinosaurs, inside Daleks, and making merry with Robin Hood for the past three weeks - and this Saturday's episode promises to be a spooky, eerie entry.

How is everyone taking to the Twelfth Doctor? Do you like his demeanor, his outfit, his accent? Are you able to watch Capaldi strut across time and space without making Thick Of It jokes? Tell me - please! Double brownie points if you have any interesting theories on what is going on with "Missy" and her paradise garden.