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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Anime PV From Key For Charlotte, To Air 2015

So kill me, I've never actually sat down and finished an entire Key series - I gave up on Kanon pretty quickly, never got around to finishing Little Busters even though I enjoyed the first episode, and Clannad and its myriad sequels has been on my To Watch List for ages.

Charlotte, however - an upcoming collab between Key, Aniplex and PA Works - looks pretty dynamite and has been added to be To Watch List already. You can find the official PV below:

First of all, that piano is banging. I want that song! I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't feature in the Charlotte series, either as part of the OP or in the score. The animation in the PV is very polished and dynamic, which is hopefully the overall aesthetic of Charlotte.

For some reason, the main female character reminds me of Rin Tosaka from Fate/Stay Night, albeit a little younger and with a lighter hair color.

Are you planning on watching Charlotte when it airs next year? Or are you going to wait until another PV and some plot/cast details come out until you decide?