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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fujoshi O'Clock (9/28/11)

What time is it? It's . . . Fujoshi O'Clock, the new weekly feature at Nagareboshi Review, when I bring to you the latest fujoshi-related news and reviews and various shiny BL-flavored things. Why? Because rotten girls need love too!

This week on Fujoshi O'Clock:

  • Digital Manga has two new boys' love licenses - Depression of the Anti-Romanticist and Beast & Feast - and has also announced some of their plans for YaoiCon in October 2011.
  • Something pretty has crossed my attention: The Yaoi Fanlisting, for fans of the yaoi genre to meet other fans. Just look at that layout!
  • The latest BL webcomics to enter the Fujoshi O'Clock nexus are Aoi House, in which two unsuspecting guys shack up with a house of yaoi fangirls, and the yaoi comic Teahouse, which looks to be dangerously sexy (and rather NSFW).
  • ANN: The Blu-Ray releases of the 2012 Ai No Kusabi will also include an extra short story about AnK by the original author, Rieko Yoshinara, along with some other tasty extras.
  • The latest BL addition to the Emanga site is Seven Days: Friday-Sunday by Rihito Takarai, the conclusion to the Seven Days series.

  • Melinda Beasi and Michelle Smith of Manga Bookshelf bring a trio of BL reviews for the BL Bookrack: An Even More Beautiful Lie by Kei Kanai, Only Serious About You by Kai Asou, and Private Teacher GN 1 by Yuu Moegi.
  • ふう子 at Hazukashii Kedo reviews Aniji Yuuji's Me wo Hiraitemo and OreNeko (images are slightly NSFW), which includes some very cute blushed butts.
Am I missing your blog? Got some awesome fujoshi-related news and reviews you think deserve a shout-out? Poke me with a link and a bit of description over at my Twitter: @theseventhl. I'm always on the look out for more BL love!