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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Initial Thoughts: Recorder to Randoseru; Poyopoyo

Spoiler warning: The following reviews contain spoilers for the first two episodes of Recorder to Randoseru and Poyopoyo. Read with caution!

Miyagawa Atsushi is an 11-year-old boy who is 180 centimeters tall. Since he has a grown-up looking build but acts his age, he has always been running into troubles. On the other hand, his 17-year-old elder sister Atsumi is only 137 centimeters tall. Even though she has a childish looking build, Atsumi takes good care of Atsushi.
Initially, I wasn't sure what to make of Recorder to Randoseru aka Recorder and Randsell. The premise itself is deceivingly simple, and it is by the same studio who brought us Morita-san Wa Mukuchi (the characters of which make really neat cameos in the first Recorder episode). But something about this series is quite delightful despite the fact that it's centered on a little boy who looks like a grown-man and a teenage girl who looks like a much younger girl. 

For one thing, the episodes (like Morita-san) are short so it doesn't demand a great deal of your attention all at one time or threaten to drive any particular joke into the ground like, say, Kill Me Baby and its reliance on flat gags and visual humor.

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And Recorder to Randoseru is sweet. It manages to be an enjoyable comedy of errors about siblings without turning saccharine or unbearable (or going sis-con on us without reason). I loved watching Atsushi and Atsumi go through the supermarket and seeing how Atsumi has to rely on Atsushi's height to get the things she needs. In a season that seems dire of optimism or clean cute things, I'm really looking forward to more Recorder and more height-based hijinks. Also, more Morita-san cameos wouldn't hurt (especially since I still want a third season)!

Speaking of short-length episodic series, here comes Poyopoyo:

A slice of life anime about the Sato family, who keeps a round shaped cat named "Poyo".

If you loved Chi's Sweet Home and Nyanpire, you will absolutely love Poyopoyo without a doubt. It's about a cat! A really round, fluffy cat who everyone loves! And really, what more could you ask for of such a series? And the opening song is such an earworm. Draw a circle, boing! Really, the opening sequence sets the stage for the rest of the series – all bright colors and soft shapes and big fluff ball cats.

It all starts when one night, a drunken Sato Moe falls asleep onto a mysteriously soft ball in the middle of the street – and it turns out to be Poyopoyo! Naturally, Moe takes the cat home with her, where he soon makes his own place within the Sato family. Unless you are Hide, in which case Poyopoyo is too busy making a scratching post out of his face. Poor Hide. Still, if you are a cat owner like me, you’ll probably see quirks of your own pets in Poyopoyo. I’m a sucker for anime about adorable cats, so you can count me in for the long haul of Poyopoyo’s first season – and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a second season soon after.

You can watch both of these series streaming on Crunchyroll: Recorder to Randoseru can be watched here and Poyopoyo can be watched here.