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Friday, February 1, 2013

Signal Boost: Naoki Urasawa Manga Moveable Feast

Last month's MMF was for manga-ka Moyoco Anno; this month is for a manga-ka arguably more well known for English language manga readers - Naoki Urasawa, author behind works such as Monster, Pluto, and 20th Century Boys. At one point, the Monster anime even aired on the SyFy channel on their anime Monday block.

Organization Anti-Social Geniuses will be hosting this next MMF and it will run from February 17th-24th.

The great thing about this Manga Moveable Feast is that a good amount of his work is available in English, making him much more accessible to fans new to his work. Below are his works that have been licensed for English language release:

  • Monster (manga and anime)
  • 20th Century Boys
  • 21st Century Boys
  • Pluto
  • Master Keaton (anime)
  • Yawara! (anime)
Much of his work can be purchased online or at your local book/comic book store. You can follow the Naoki Urasawa MMF on Twitter with the #UrasawaMMF hashtag.