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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Attention: New poll is now up!

Hey, look! For those who don't obsessively visit this blog on a regular basis and thus have the front page memorized, I'd like to point out I have a new poll up for voting on at the bottom of the page. Please give it a look and a click!
Art by ~aspergersgirl @ Deviantart.

This time, I'm asking how much do you care that manga reviews mention the art style? I know I haven't been on top of talking about a manga's aesthetic during reviews, but considering some of the reviews I've been writing have been for series which are over 30 volumes long, it seems redundant. I will bring it up if the art style is particularly unique or interesting or if this particular volume has some truly striking art. I'm also the kind of person who will overlook mediocre art work if the story and writing is superb.

What do you think? Is art a major factor in reading manga? Do you need reviewers to talk about a manga's look, even if the series is long-running and the style well established (unless it's D.Gray-Man, kol kol kol)? Let me know!