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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, America!

Again, Nagareboshi Reviews - an American based blog - is posting on the Fourth of July, that one holiday in the United States where we celebrate our independence from England with loud fireworks, grilling, and lots of alcohol (and apparently a Twilight Zone marathon, if you're the programming director at SyFy).

Last year I was posting about my top five American characters in anime, and number one was Alfred F. Jones a.k.a. America from Axis Powers Hetalia. And today is his birthday yet again! He's looking pretty good for being around 230 years old. You can read more about his character on his Hetalia Archives page, or watch his antics with his fellow countries at the YouTube channel for Hetalia: World Series.

Geez, Alfred's character songs are so annoyingly him, aren't they? And really catchy! Which is no surprise since Katsuyuki Konishi (America's VA) is a pretty good singer. Hamburgers and UFOs for everyone!