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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Arachnophobia vs Medusa!, Or Rumble At The DWMA

Spoiler warning: Post contains spoilers for Soul Eater up to volume 9/chapter 35 (or, in anime canon, episode 34/35).
After reading volumes eight and nine of Soul Eater, it's clear we've got a battle of wicked women brewing. In one corner, we have the super web-slinging goddess of spiders, Arachne. In another corner, we have the vector arrow-flinging controller of snakes, Medusa. In a series where the big baddie, the First Kishin, has been set aside while he re-cooperates, these two young women have taken control of the evil count in DWMA and are battling for control of the position of number one antagonist against Lord Death.
The real question is, which one of these women has the guts and the gall to go all the way? Will Arachne or Medusa become the number one baddie in the Kishin's absence? At this point, it is anybody's game – and they are both playing to win.

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Long-term Soul Eater fans will definitely attach themselves to Medusa's side, as her history within the series is well known and long. This snake of a woman seduced her way into the DWMA and nearly into the patchwork lab coat of one Doctor Stein. Her experiments with black blood, born from kishin, has led to both Soul and Stein being horribly infected with the stuff. She even furthered Stein's madness by planting a listening device within his assistant that amplified the effect of the black blood on the doctor's already precarious mental state.
It is also her experimentation in kishin blood that created her traumatized sword-possessed child Crona and has won her the title of 'worst mother of the year'. Like, seriously, Medusa is the worst mom, possibly in anime history. Her raising of Crona (if you can call it that) left the poor child in a mental catatonic state, leaving them open to Ragnarok's manipulation, and making them so socially awkward that just being inside the walls DWMA is a trial of tired nerves. Boo, Medusa.
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On the other hand, we have a recently revived Arachne, whose group Arachnophobia is proving to be a sizable headache for Lord Death and his colleagues. We have not seen a lot of shows of power from Arachne, especially compared to Medusa, who we've seen duke it out with Doctor Stein and Maka's dad and really went all out. But we know Arachne has to be powerful; just look at the sizable following she still has so many years after her disappearance, a following still around for her revival, that still answers her every beck and call. Arachne has an army of powerhouse soldiers and malleable mask-wearing lackeys. She doesn't need to prove herself, because it's obvious that she already has – we as viewers just haven't seen it yet.
Right now, it's pretty obvious that Medusa is gunning to take Arachne out. Arachne, while her focus is on defeating Lord Death and the acquisition of the weapons of the infamous Eibon, is not letting Medusa get away with much. Plus, an interesting dynamic forms when you factor in their sibling status as sisters. That is certainly one interesting family! I wonder who their father is. If it turns out to be Lord Death, I might very well lose my mind, because that would be a heck of a twist.
So, let's say both women start a recruitment drive for their respective sides. Personally, I'd go with Medusa, mainly because she'd probably put one of her black snakes into my body and make me do her chores anyway. Plus, she currently isn't suspended to a giant sticky web, which is a plus. And then I'd hopefully play her powers against her, betray Medusa's trust and throw her into a pit of snake-eating lions or something. For Crona!
Then again, Arachne has a formidable army at her disposal, including the legendary samurai with a hundred swords, Mifune, and his witch partner/ward Angela who is possibly the cutest thing ever in Soul Eater. She also has the needle-nosed valet Mosquito, who keeps hinting at his great and powerful form from his past. What is Mosquito's story? He may end up being the most powerful trump card in Arachne's deck. Arachne's forces are truly something to fear.

In the end, it's down to one question. Arachne vs Medusa: which side would you choose as the winning side?