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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Support The Mystery Shack; Buy Gravity Falls!

One of the strangest, fantastical shows that have popped up on American television in the past couple of years is Gravity Falls, a Disney program that has pulled in a solid, dedicated viewership on a station that usually props up its live action tween shows and more Disney-like properties. To the surprise of everyone, Gravity Falls has survived long enough to be reviewed for a second season - surprise because Disney enjoyed yanking the show around on its schedule and has never treated it as fairly as its other programs.

So when Alex Hirsch, the show's creator, hits Twitter to tell everyone to order the first ever Gravity Falls DVD, it's kind of a big deal. After all, if this DVD - a collection of six episodes - does well sales-wise, Disney will be more inclined to release the first season on DVD. Considering that Gravity Falls is a mystery series with various developing plot-lines, in-series references, and enough hidden symbols to make JJ Abrams' head spin, it's the kind of show you want to watch from start to finish, not just random episodes. So let's make this happen!

The Gravity Falls "Six Strange Tales" DVD comes out October 15th. Season two of Gravity Falls is currently in production and is set to air sometime next year.