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Monday, October 20, 2014

I Didn't Know My Horror Anime Could Be So Short!

Commitment-phobes, take heart: Claymation Japanese artist Takena Nagao has something for you and they don't last longer than seven minutes! If you've ever wanted to see blood and guts put to life in the form of colorful clay, served up with a bit of morbid humor, you're gonna love these animated shorts.

Warning: take the content advisories to heart! They are filled with explicit violence, gore and terrifying imagery. Consider these videos NSFW!

In Maid of the Dead, one man's wish for an omelette with ketchup writing goes horribly wrong when the maid cafe he is eating at is hit by a zombie infestation.

Chainsaw Maid is probably Takena's most well-known film. It's more maids, more zombies, only this time the maid has a chainsaw and the zombies don't stand a chance.

MAL calls Shitcom a story about love. I suppose that's true! It's also about the horrors of the human body. It's shit - literally.

By comparison, No Littering is light humor. It's a cautionary tale of what happens when you throw trash in the woods.

Takena's style is one of visceral violence with a darkly funny twist. He clearly has a thing for blood-covered maids, chainsaws, and zombies, sometimes all at the same time. It's like someone took the MTV series Celebrity Deathmatch, threw it into the horror genre, added the infamous Wada Makoto animated short Murder, then shook 'em all together.

It's gross, it's horrific, it's so not safe for work, and yet between the wide-eyed blood-splattered faces and the clay organs popping out everywhere, it manages to be a wholly entertaining way to spend ten to fifteen minutes of your time.

PS - It's not really horror, but watch Murder right now! It's about - wait for it - a murder. You won't regret it.