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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: Washed Right Out, Chapter Ten

I'm afraid I left the last installment of Wednesday Briefs on a cliffhanger. Luckily, in this chapter, that cliffhanger is resolved! The Washed Right Out series continues as a proposition is made, an argument is had, and food is stolen. I think the ending of this one will be intriguing to follow in later chapters. Hopefully, y'all keep reading on after this!

Washed Right Out, Chapter Ten. Prompts used: well that's a rough break, a snake in the grass.
"Kiss you?" Riley's brain spun in circles, like a hamster wheel on full tilt. "Dude!"
"What?" Eren gave him what could have been a harmlessly innocent look, but ended up looking more devious than he must have intended.

"I can't kiss you. We're colleagues. And friends," Riley argued. "And colleagues. And did I mention sexual harassment in the workplace? And I have my own issues to deal with without worrying about necking with you in an open, public place like the lobby?"
Eren bit his lip, trying to look innocent and coming off like a grown-ass male Lolita figure, minus the shine of youth and the lip gloss. "Believe me, I've considered all the above. Except the last part." He squinted at Riley.
"Besides," Riley said, side-stepping the issue of Jonathan all together, "why do you need me to kiss you downstairs today of all days, now of all times—heck, why me?"
"Because you're the one person in this place I trust most. Maybe even in my entire life. And I need you."
The look on Eren's face was more open and personal than Riley had ever seen in the past four years they’d worked together. His dark hair looked to be at its thinnest, and Riley wondered what Eren had been up to these past days that would break open his cocksure shell of an ego.
"Well, that's... something," Riley managed. "Sorry, you sort of took me aback with that one."
"I don't have time for you to be taken aback. I need your mouth so I can make my husband mad!"
"Well, I mean if that's all you—wait, what?"
"He's so—so—calm about everything! Damn that Kibo, he makes me feel like a drama queen just for having emotions!" Eren tugged on the skin of his thumb with his mouth as he talked. "For once, I'd like to see him mad. Jealous, even! And then I can finally get what I want!" The flushed look on his face sealed the deal on what that would be.
In five seconds, Eren had gone from sad little sheep to a sharp-fanged snake in the grass. It would have been admirable if Riley didn't have his own personal snakes to contend with. Also, he really didn't want to deal with Eren's easily excited libido during work hours. It could get messy.
Riley sighed. "Eren, I'm not going to do this. You can weirdly seduce your husband on your own time. And I'm not kissing a man whose regular breakfast is pickle loaf and garlic mayowell, it's true."
Eren opened his mouth wide enough that his uvula almost stuck out. "My mouth is clean!"
"Put your mouth away, send Kibo a naughty text, and before you run downstairs to take care of business, can I please get my SD card back from yesterday?"
Eren pouted. "All right." He stood up from the corner of Riley's desk and brushed away non-existent dust from his seat. "But when I come back, we're gonna have a talk."
"Sure, sure." Riley turned back to his computer screen. He could hear Eren stalk away to his own desk, rattling a neighbor's empty chair in the process. Then his attention was stolen by the email piling up in his inbox, and the flow of people slowly filing in, and eventually giving him more work to do.
That's how Riley forgot about Eren, and his promise of a talk, until it was noon and they both happened to eat lunch at the same time, in the same break room, at the same table. Of course, he thought. Unfortunately for him, his other office friends were on the other side of the room, in deep congress with a slow working vending machine.
Eren was pointing a plastic spork at him menacingly and asking for one of his crustless sandwich triangles. "Please?"
"Yeah, sure." Riley pushed a sandwich across the table. "I hope you're not allergic to canned tuna."
"I'm only allergic to walnuts and clown make-up." Eren skewered the sandwich with his spork and chewed on it like an oversized kebob. "Now spill the details. Make it quick. I've got dick blemishes to Photoshop out of our next issue, and Sharon from the writing pool still doesn't have her copy turned in, which is supposed to accompany said dicks."
Riley blanched. "Okay, give me a minute and let me process all of that info so I can eat with a clean mind." He bit into an orange slice and let the juice smear across his bottom lip.
In truth, he was stalling. Jonathan was not a part of his work life. Most of his colleagues knew he’d been dating, but beyond that Riley had kept the personal and work spheres separateuntil now.
Still, it was nice to have friends on his side, friends who would naturally turn against Jonathan with him. Despite Eren's fast mouth, he was usually good at keeping sensitive details to himself. Yes, Riley decided, polishing off the last orange slice, Eren was good to know.
So Riley gave Eren the dirty details, excising the more personal points. As he talked, he was incredibly grateful it was Friday, and everyone was too busy with their weekend plans to pay them any attention.
By the time Riley came to the end of his story with the decision to file a restraining order against his ex-boyfriend, the other man was watching him with unmoving eyes. Half a sandwich was still hanging off his spork, tuna smearing across the plastic white tines.
That's a rough break, dude.” Eren bit off a corner of bread and chewed it slowly before adding, “So you want to make this creep disappear? Count me in.”
Riley stared as Eren make quick work of the remainder of his lunch. “You're gonna what now?”
I'm in. I'll help you get rid of him.”

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