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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Breaking: Everything Is Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Hold onto your hats and ignore (at least for now) the cursed renaissance of Tokyopop, long may they flounder. Two license acquisitions at this weekend's AX 2015 are going to blow your dang socks off, especially if you're an old school otaku.

First: Viz Media licenses the Legend of the Galactic Heroes novel series, to be published via the Haikasoru imprint. The Haikasoru Twitter says the first three, but I imagine if sales are good enough, they will push out more to meet demand.

Second: Sentai Filmworks licenses the LOGH anime series.

This is the Moby Dick of licenses and having both of these announcements is no small miracle (although I'd like to think Viz and Sentai coordinated the affair so they would come out roughly one after the over). I've spent years thinking LOGH would never see the light of my bookshelves, but leave it to two of the top anime companies in America to prove me wrong.

After all, LOGH has a lot of strikes against it for being licensed. It's an older series, a lengthy space opera, and the art style is dated and may not appeal to newer viewers. And yet! We have it! So let us, during this holiday weekend, bask in the glow of victory at acquiring a legendary anime. I really cannot wait to acquire this series; I'll even stomach Sentai's usually high prices to get my hands on it. Hopefully, I find it worth the hype.

(Oh yeah, and Sentai rescued the license for the Higurashi anime, but we'll talk about that later. Give me a reason why not! --- okay, okay, I'll just let myself out now.)