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Monday, July 11, 2011

AMV Of The Week: Darker Than Ikack

For this week, we're taking a different approach to AMVs with the mash-up. And the best mash-up is taking two totally different shows and merging them together flawlessly - which is exactly what this does.

AMV: 【MAD】侵略!イカ娘「DARKER THAN IKACK -白の侵略 ...
Author: nitrilotriacetic
Music: "HOWLING" by abingdon boys school
Warnings: None applicable. Beyond some very scary squid girls.

A mash-up of Darker Than Black and Shiryaku! Ika Musume. Something so genius can't be possible and yet it is. Not only is it a remake of the DTB opening sequence with Shinryaku! footage, this video also contains fanmade promos and DVD menus. Now that is some serious fan dedication.