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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly Anime Round-Up: The Short Edition

Every weekend, Nagareboshi Reviews will post micro reviews of the anime it's been watching over the past seven days, usually shows that are ongoing or don't warrant a separate post for 'initial thoughts'. Feel free to comment with the shows you've been watching this week as well!

Warning: Contains spoilers for the following series: Durarara!! (okay, not really!), Nyanpire, Morita-san wa Mukuchi

Durarara!!: episodes 1-5

I'm a little late to the DRRR!! but I have so many thoughts on what has been broadcast via Adult Swim that you can expect a full Initial Thoughts for the first five episodes tomorrow. Excited, are you? Get excited!

Morita-san wa Mukuchi: episode 2

In this episode – titled “Miki Is A Chatterbox” – we see the very antithesis of the ever silent Morita Mayu, I the form of said-chatterbox Miki. Every time she appears on screen, she literally can’t stop talking and her endless chatter usually turns into a stream-of-consciousness rant that would make Amy Pond proud. 

Funny enough, Miki and Morita make a pretty good team – even if Morita sometimes misreads Miki’s intentions and gets too close to her skirt. And thus a thousand and one yuri fics were born! If this show even has a fandom yet (of course it does, every show does!).

Nyanpire The Animation: episode 2

Welp, it's official - I have nyan-induced diabetes, that's how overwhelming cute this show is. It is also probably the least odious vampire-related anime I have ever seen. Does it have a plot beyond strange cats having adventures? Nope. Does it seem to have any asperations to evolve past its nyan-nyan funtime roots? Not even a little. But it is so fun to watch in such a short amount of time, I don't care. Especially when the latest cat to enter Nyanpire's world is one dressed like Masamune Date, down to the helmet and eyepatch - and suddenly a great amount of Sengoku Basara fans are interested in Nyanpire, aren't they? As they should be! Can't wait to see what the next odd cat looks like.

Sorry, short post is short. Still, share what you've been watching this week in the comments!