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Monday, July 25, 2011

AMV Of The Week: Little Girls

This week's AMV pick won the first place award in the comedy category at Nekocon X. You really can't blame them for giving this vid the top spot, as it is utterly hilarious. There are just some couplings of anime and song that seem destined to fit together - who knew that Oingo Boingo and Azumanga Daioh fit so well together?

AMV: Azumanga Daioh - Little Girls
Author: blindniggasamura1
Music: "Little Girls" by Oingo Boingo
Warnings: Kimura-sensei being his typical pervert self. A video dedicated to the loli inside us all (not explicitly, though!)

For those who wished there was some sort of video tribute to Kimura-sensei's love for little girls set to a wacky song for the eighties, we have "Little Girls". The video and the song sync up perfectly, it's like they were made for each other without realizing it. The video maker even put some little easter eggs in the AMV; look out for a certain 4chan meme's seal of approval as well as a more-mini-than-usual Chiyo-chan showing up in a rather unlikely spot.