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Monday, August 1, 2011

AMV Of The Week: Waka Laka

This week’s AMV is due to the combined efforts of two AMV creators – Aquiline Studios, who created the original video, and Fuck Ghibli, who put some very creative subtitles on it that goes beyond simply subbing a video. As in, pop-up cats singing the lyrics! Waka laka! This Azumanga Daioh AMV will make your head spin and put a song in your heart – a very infectious hard-to-shake earworm of a song that you will be humming for days afterwards.

(The first person to say “But Saaaaarah, we had an Azumanga Daioh vid laaaast weeeeek” gets slapped in the face with a fish.)

AMV: Waka Laka For Osaka (Subtitled)
Author:  Scintilla/Aquiline Studios; subtitles by FuckGhibli
Music: Waka Laka (E=mc² Mix)” by Jenny Rom vs. Zippers

Warnings: Lots of flashing lights/colors and pop-up cats and spinning lyrics and Stepmania style arrows flying across the screen and other seizure-inducing special effects.