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Saturday, August 13, 2011

NatsuCon 2011: Day 2

This will be short, as I have a headache that is killing my ability to function for long periods of time.

Saw all the things! Took lots of cosplay photos! Nearly lost my Doctor Who amaguri - but luckily found it again thanks to the lost & found. Went to many panels, more than yesterday, and actually played around in the game room. Below are some of the panels I went to:

Sailor Moon: I'm biased since I know the people who ran the panel but it was very much fun. It helps to run a panel that is topical, since the manga is being re-released in the next couple of months as well as the first English publication of Sailor V's manga. The room was packed and everyone had fun in the discussion as well as the slideshow and trivia game.

Vocaloid: Phew, that was packed. But well hosted. Although the pack of jackasses behind me who thought they were funny, trolling the whole time, could have easily left five minutes into it and nothing of value would have been lost. Saw a lot of cool Vocaloid stuff, including some idols I had never heard of before.

Tenchi Muyo!: Actually only caught the last part of this panel but this guy was so funny and charismatic, it deserves special mention anyway. Learned how expansive the Tenchi universe truly is, and even left the room with an anime title to watch in the near future. This guy really knew how to use a powerpoint as an aid, not as his sole presentation, and everyone loved it.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see my cosplay be recognized by so many congoers, especially since I was dressed as the Sixth Doctor today. Quite a few Whovians showed up today! I have now seen two separate TARDISes so far this week, as well as many Doctors (mainly 4, 10, and 11) and one Harold Saxon.

Having said that, day 2 of Natsucon is over, and the siren call of bedtime has claimed me for good. Night, readers, and see you for the wrap-up post tomorrow!