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Friday, August 12, 2011

NatsuCon 2011: Day 1

Nagareboshi Reviews this weekend is at Natsucon for three days of anime fan goodness. Here is the post for day one! Note: all photographs taken will be uploaded Monday afternoon. Sorry! Just makes more sense to post them all in one go.

Day 1: I'll skip the details about how I got to the convention center and whatnot and get to the juicy bits. First of all, not to automatically slag off on Natsucon, but the line was ridiculous. Mainly because they decided to use computers for registration - three computers for a god awful amount of people. The line moved at a snail's pace. Notice to the two anime conventions I work for: keep paper registration forever! They would have needed an entire room full of computers to make it worthwhile - not three.

After that, it was time to wander about the convention center looking at all the odds and ends. And what odds and ends there were! Much much much cosplayers about: Madoka; Durarara!!; Soul Eater; Kingdom Hearts; even Companion Cube showed up! And apparently my Battler Ushiromiya was not the soul Umineko No Naku Koro Ni costume around - but sadly I did not meet my George today. Ah, cruel fate.

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The dealer's room was quality but the real draw for me (and my wallet) was artist's alley. So many artists! So much cool stuff. Oh, boy. The powers of the AA and the dealers combined brought me and what little cash I had to our knees. I bought: an Eleventh Doctor amaguri, a small BSG button featuring Bill Adama, a Kuragehime fan-drawn postcard, and some various handmade bookmarks, as well as a ramune and some chocolate-covered peanuts for nommage. Did I mention I have this tendency to blow all my con money away on the first day?

I went to panels! Karaoke was fun to sit in on, although I wish they had actually had a proper karaoke machine. The cosplay 101 panel was very informative, especially since the people running it were master class costumers themselves. Unfortunately, the geek/gamer girls panel was not well put together, hard to hear, and ultimately dull; I walked out on that one. The date auction - run by the Nerdfit Network - was hilarious and outrageous; several people went for over a hundred dollars. Wow! I'm surprised the bidders hadn't blown all that money away in the dealer's room by then.

I have yet to see Eric Vale or any of the other voice actor guests, but I still have two more days! I'm hoping to have them sign my Hetalia pillow, since Vale is the English VA for both America and Canada. But for now, I relax in the hotel room and blog about my day. Onwards to tomorrow and another day of NatsuCon!