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Sunday, August 7, 2011

NatsuCon 2011 Roll Call!

So, next weekend Nagareboshi Reviews will be at NatsuCon, an anime convention situated in Collinsville, IL. It runs August 11th to the 14th and will have lots of events and guests, including voice actors Eric Vale and Chris Cason - America/Canada and Holy Roman Empire from Hetalia. Hoping to get both of them to autograph the mini Hetalia pillow I have. Who knows?

And of course, there shall be cosplay! I will be cosplaying two out of three days - Battler Ushiromiya on Friday and the Sixth Doctor on Saturday. Yeah, I don't really cosplay female characters at all, probably because I'm still holding out for a Beatrice The Golden Witch costume in the near future. But I'll be taking pictures!

So, if you are going to NatsuCon, please leave a comment! Which should be so much simpler with the new comment system. Don't forget to tell us what costumes you'll be wearing if you are a cosplayer!