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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Interesting Blog Post About MADs Of The Day

The Cart Driver has an interesting piece up about Sakuga MADs: Why Sakuga MADs Rub Me The Wrong Way.
We all know AMVs. Spliced together scenes from anime to the back­ing track of the creator’s favour­ite song. Every­one has their stor­ies of how a cer­tain AMV got them inter­ested in a cer­tain anime (although I’m strug­gling to think of a per­sonal example). How­ever some AMVs cobble together clips from vari­ous dif­fer­ent anime. Some­times it’s just because it looks cool, but other times they have a spe­cific goal in mind. There’s a trend, ori­gin­at­ing from the Japan­ese side of fan­dom, of tak­ing clips from a single anim­at­ors work and cob­bling them together to show off their anim­a­tion style.
The Cart Driver's blog post goes on to explain the current trend of these Sakuga MADs that mash together the works of animators together in one video and how it, put simply, leaves a bad taste in his mouth. I had not been aware of the Sakuga wave until I read this post. 

I have to wonder: has anyone watched a Sakuga MAD that was actually effective and well put-together? Feel free to put links to some of your favorites in the comments.