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Monday, February 27, 2012

AMV Of The Week: Die Another Day

This week’s AMV is a weird choice for me, since I have never seen a single episode of Angel Beats in my life. But this fan vid may be the final push for me to grab myself a copy from Right Stuf and watch the dang thing. It's rather kick-ass and full of exciting fighting scenes coupled with (unpopular opinion alert!) one of my favorite Madonna songs, especially for AMVs.

AMV: Die Another Day
Author: KanariTenshi
Music: Madonna's "Die Another Day"
Warnings: Quickly edited scenes of moderate violence, bright flashing lights.

Also: slight heads up. Tomorrow’s my birthday! I turn 22 years old! Yeah, not as special as last year but still. So I’m gonna blog about my most favorite anime series ever and why everyone should watch it. It should be fun!