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Monday, February 6, 2012

AMV Of The Week: Traumerei

This week’s AMV was recommended by a friend who just recently really got into Full Metal Alchemist and has been watching fan-based creations surrounding the series like mad. I don’t really watch FMA fanvids (no real reason, never found one that tickled my fancy) but this one is definitely worth it, whether you are a hardcore Full Metal fan or just a fan of anime music videos. It will certainly break your heart, especially if you love the Elric brothers.

Be sure to stick around for the end credits to see just how much additional anime was used in this one vid. Hint: it’s a lot.

AMV: Traumerei
Author: Umika
Music: Globus’ “Orchard of Mines”
Warnings: Flashing lights/colors, violent/bloody imagery, fast-moving clips. Some spoilers for the FMA series at large despite being an AU take on the original story.