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Monday, July 16, 2012

AMV Of The Week: It's So Tricky

This week’s AMV is legendary. It has over sixty anime series jam packed into one single fan vid, set to a most epic song by Run DMC. For those planning to ever make a multi-series AMV ever, this is the high bar you have to meet. Game over, man. Game over.

If you really want to see how this video was made, you should read its video information page on - it's excellent.

AMV: It's Tricky To Make a Music Video
Author: BogoSort (reuploaded by LostRomeo)
Music: Run DMC's "It's Tricky"
Warnings: Fastly edited clips, a crap load of video effects including flashing strobe-like lights, brief moments of violence and fanservice. Probably not safe for work!