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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Sister's Seduction: NakaImo 3

The question of Shogo's sexual preference is causing Miyabi and Rinka to go overboard on showing the appeals of a woman. (Source: Crunchyroll)
Spoiler alert: Spoilers for the third episode of Who Is Imouto?; don't watch without watching the episode first!
Beware the allure of the sexy trap, Shougo! They will lead you on a path of sexual temptation and homosexuality that may blind you to your true imouto love! It's up to Miyabi and Rinka and their sud-covered oppai to lead you to the right and lady-filled way, by being your perfect imoutos!
(sound of a record being scratched, violently) Okay, seriously NakaImo, what the hell are we doing here? Are we seriously doing the 'save Shougo from his boys' love tendencies with our womanly wiles' plot, because I don't think I can take another episode of this nonsense. Having said that, the Imouto Temptations Of Shougo Mikadono might go down as some of the funniest and naughtiest moments in NakaImo history.

Up until the last five minutes, this episode seems like a complete wash, a plot-light (ha!) episode in which to make Shougo act hilariously awkward through the power of unclothed boobs and their close proximity to his hormone-ravaged body. Also, now they think he has a sister kink. That's certainly going to bite him in the ass sooner than later (and I do mean sooner).
Don't worry, fellow rabid Mizutani fans, they can't make her less awesome with this claptrap of a storyline. If anything, Mizu-kun shines brighter in the face of Miyabi and Konoe's efforts to turn Shougo back to the hetero side. I really hope they never reveal Mizu's true gender to her classmates, so we can keep the Mizu/Shougo 'accidental BL' train a-running.
Also, her casually lying about naked with the excuse of airing out her skin gives me life in ways most blatant fan service in anime cannot even comprehend. Have you ever seen such casual nakedness in a series before? I certainly have not. Thus is the power of Mizutani; all over fan service so far just seems shallow in comparison. It's not like I'm obsessive or anything, geez!
(Also, NakaImo writers? I'm going to introduce to you a new concept that might possible blow your mind. It's one I've been openly living with for years, happily so. It's called bisexuality. Get used to it. Remember, Shougo could be straight and Shougo could be gay but that doesn't mean he only has two options to choose from. Free tips from your friendly neighborhood bi otaku!)
The real highlight of this episode is everyone's favorite tsundere, Miyabi. She really openly embraced the idea of being the perfect little imouto with which to entice Shougo's sexual interests, and did it with a lot more perverted gusto than Konoe. Her bit with Shougo's underpants was worth all the trouble of getting through the beginning, especially considering Shougo's reaction.
As sweet and darling as Konoe was in her role as imouto, I found Miyabi much more suitable to the task of tactful seduction. She made this episode hers with her flare and spirit. Miyabi and Konoe perfectly embodied the conflict between being idealistic and being realistic through their view of the perfect little sister. It also put into context what each girl brings to their relationship with Shougo: Miyabi is the ideal girlfriend, lovely and sweet, while Konoe is the more realistic girlfriend, someone with edges and hides her cute appeal underneath her roughness. The one thing they certainly share are their similar feelings for Shougo, who is the luckiest damn guy on the planet right now.
There were cursory cameos by the ladies of the student council but they did not really add anything important to the episode. Sorry, Rinka! Also, I'm not sure why the CR summary for this episode credits you as one of the girls in the 'sister seduction' scheme. That's a rather noticeable whoops on their part.
I know I'm supposed to think the imouto is one of the two girls because Shougo never did get his nighttime phone call, but that seems too easy. It almost has to be a red herring to throw people off. Not so much the ending of this episode, which has me seriously considering Miyabi as the prime suspect for imouto-hood. When you add all the clues together, there's a good chance the tsundere is also the voice on the phone. Assuming the voice on the phone is the same person as the girl who showed up in the flashback – consider that for a minute.
Then again, it's just a soap pump! Shougo could be doing some serious projecting onto Miyabi's methods of cleanliness. Sometimes, a sentai-style crab is just that. And judging by Miyabi's reaction to Shougo's declaration of 'siblings can't be lovers', I think she's thinking of Shougo's supposed sister complex and not her own alleged blood relation with the guy. 
Either way, to be rejected by a guy you've just confessed to sucks. Poor girl. I'll definitely be waiting eagerly to see how Shougo deals with Miyabi's feelings in the next episode.
You can watch subbed streaming episodes of NakaImo over at Crunchyroll, who so far have been very good at uploading episodes on a regular schedule. Keep it up, CR!