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Friday, September 7, 2012

Top 6 Favorite VOCALOID Tracks (At The Moment)

Yes, I do owe y'all an Accel World post. That will be tomorrow - I promise. Tonight, it's VOCALOID love all around. I've been inspired by a recent post by Loli Salad, Great Vocaloid Tracks You Can Buy From North American iTunes, to post my current top five favorite computer generated tracks by the Vocaloid stars we love so much. Well, some of us.

(For those few people in anime fandom who have no idea what the hell I'm talking about: Vocaloid is computer generated music based on vocal banks and the fictional idols created around this music. Vocaloid fandom has exploded over the past couple of years to include fan-made music/videos, fanart, video games, animation, and even 'live' concerts featuring some of the Vocaloid artists. If you think that's a lot, try stepping into Touhou Project fandom.)

Anyway, I'm usually preferential to Miku Hatsune, the undisputed queen of Vocaloid fandom, but recently I've been delving into her vocal siblings' discographies and I've found a few gems definitely worth sharing. Of course, that doesn't mean there won't be any Miku in the mix of six (because I'm too indecisive for only five!).

6. Miku Hatsune - Sweet Devil

Something about this coquettish, almost tsundere Miku Hatsune as seen in the lyrics has me really loving this song. I can only imagine the kind of sexy grief she gives her boyfriend, whoever that lucky boy is. Plus, I think the song does a good job managing making her synthethic qualities blend in with the beats of the song itself.

5. Megpoid Gumi - Summer's End, Love's Beginning

This song is incredibly sweet. I love Gumi's voice in this, both vocally and narratively; the story of a shy girl standing close to the boy she loves and not being able to say those important three words is a story that really resonates with this track. Plus, the ending will have you cheering a bit for our romantic heroine Gumi. Gumi deserves more fandom love!

4. Miku Hatsune - A Happy Death

This song is not a cheerful one, per se, but I wouldn't call it depressing - although it does deal with themes of death and suicide throughout the whole thing. It's not a typical Miku song, her normally cheerful voice singing about dying with her chosen partner, but it works. So does the dubstep touches to the song, which meld well with the typical Vocaloid sound to make something eerie and unique.

3. Kagamine Rin & Len - Road Roller

Okay, this is a classic for Kagamine fans, but I adore it. It's like their debut song, showing the world how they have arrived to make music - but you better give them a treat! Plus, it shows off their vocal range and how well these twin voices fit together. Although, they are good solo too!

2. Gakupo - Dancing Samurai

Gackt fans, did you know Gackt lent his vocals to a voice bank that led to his own Vocaloid, Gakupo? Well, now you do. In my opinion, Gakupo is one of the most underutilized Vocaloids released so far (him and Leon - remember him?). Which is a shame, because as shown by 'Dancing Samurai', Gakupo has the stuff to be a star. But of course, having the voice of Gackt himself doesn't hurt.

1. VY2/Yuuma - A Clingy Boy Sticking For 15 Years

This is quite possibly my favorite Vocaloid song of all the ones I've heard in the past six months. Featuring a relatively 'new' Vocaloid, Yuuma, it does what a lot of Vocaloid songs do very well - tell an emotionally genuine and involving story with a healthy dose of humor - and gives said Vocaloid a more dimensional character. Plus, his voice is just dang nice. And if you aren't at least a little choked up at the end of this video . . . I don't know what to do. Gah.

Suggest your personal favorite Vocaloid songs/videos in the comments! ♥