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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Graphic Novel Review: The Stuff of Legend GN 3

The Stuff of Legend Book 3: A Jester's Tale
Author: Mike Raicht and Brian Smith
Artist: Charles Paul Wilson III
Del Rey/Th3rd World Studios
124 pages
Continuing the saga of the New York Times Bestselling Graphic Novel. Following the shocking revelations of The Stuff of Legend Volume 2: The Jungle, Jester embarks on a solo quest that will take him to the farthest corners of the Dark. High seas adventure awaits in The Stuff of Legend: A Jester''s Tale #1. (Source: Goodreads)
Yes, I am pleased to report I did not wait another year to read the next book in the Stuff of Legend series. Which is good because after the second book, it was hard to stay away. This book is split up between three narrative paths: the boy, the Jester, and the main group, everyone fighting to find their own way through the world of the Dark. Another kink is thrown into the works with the introduction of a character with his own agenda who looks an awful lot like our dear Jester and is indiscriminantly causing havok wherever he goes. What else could go wrong?
The character who gets the bulk of the story this time is Jester, who is on a foolhearty quest to rescue his Native American princess. He's usually been my favorite character, but in this volume he was a bit disappointing, especially towards the end of the book. His chivalrous side is going to be the end of him. Still, his usual charming self holds up well under pressure – and there's a lot of that on his head. I hope the other Native characters seen in the tail end of this book get more development because at this moment, they verge dangerously on stereotype – and I know this series can do better than that.
My favorite sections of this volume have to be around the boy and his friend on the train. It was nice to see the boy become less and less passive in his role as the Boogeyman's captive. I saw the plot twist surrounding these particular scenes – which makes up the third volume's cliffhanger – coming about six to eight pages before it dropped, but I still felt a chill reading it unfold. And with that particular cliffhanger, as well as the dangers facing our intrepid band of rescuers, I'm really looking forward to book four in this series. Can it be sooner than later, pretty please, Mister Raicht and Mister Smith?