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Monday, March 18, 2013

Kawakon 2013 Interviews Now Online

So this year I actually covered Kawakon (the Saint Louis based anime con) as a member of the press, complete with press badge and everything. I even did video interviews with several convention guests! I then shoved all said video off on my long-suffering nakama Aaron, who did a great job editing and making them presentable (and he did a REALLY GOOD JOB TOO). And now they're all online!

Below is my video interview with two members of Three Rivers Okiya. You can find my other interviews with guests like Professor Shyguy and Shane Moore at Aaron's Youtube channel, ALinderVideo. I'm especially proud of the Shyguy interview! Spoiler: it's a long 'un.

In retrospect, I could have done a few things better. I could have presented as less nervous, prepared better for interviews, and brushed my damn Hermione Granger mane better. I also totally should have interviewed the Simon Petrikov cosplayer I met on Saturday! He was boss. I guess that's part of being a student journalist: every day is a learning experience. Perhaps Natsucon 2013 will be my second chance at doing it even better.