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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Signal Boost: A Mixed Bag Of Kickstarter Projects

Source: Katabuchi Sunao via Kickstarter
I love me some crowd-funded projects so any time I can, I'll shout from the mountaintops about the latest and newest projects hitting Kickstarter at the moment. Here's a couple worth looking at!

-Following in the footsteps of Witch Academia and Kickheart, we have the Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter, which is asking for funding for the English release of an anime film that has already been made and seen in Japan. It sounds like a truly magical film in the stylings of old school Studio Ghibli. And yes, it's already reached it's initial funding mark! But we have stretch goals, including an English dub track and possibly more if they reach the $60k mark. Sounds and looks like a project worth throwing money at.

-In the graphic novel division of KS, we have a Kickstarter Fund for the first volume of the Jewish Comix Anthology from Alternate History Comics Inc. 47 different artists, from all over the globe, each bringing their unique art styles to one book? Heck yes! The first volume of JCA has not reached it's initial funding goal yet, which sucks because the stretch goals look awesome - so if you like Jewish comics, please consider making a pledge to this project!

-Checking up on past Kickstarters highlighted on this blog: the Hana Doki Kira shojo anthology was successfully funded! It even reached a stretch goal which will mean all books come with pretty foil covers. Unfortunately, not every campaign is successful: the 9 Deadly Killer Pussies anime project was cancelled by the project creator. I wish the creators the best of luck and that they'll eventually get their pet project up and running in the future.