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Monday, February 24, 2014

Why I Am Unable To Enjoy Kotaku's Anime Journalism

For the record, as a reviewer, of course I am cool with people presenting their own opinions! That's what we're all doing! But it feels like every time I read a Kotaku piece about a new anime series, it involves talking down to the audience regardless of the stance taken in the article.

Casual reminder that the Kotaku writer who called Space Dandy humorless and boring is the same writer who called Sword Art Online one of the smartest anime they've watched in years, even smarter than the Fujiko Mine series. Although with the SAO post, I'll cut the man some slack - the AFO arc hadn't started yet.

Of course, looking at the click bait headline, I doubt the author is looking to create any sort of meaningful conversation about Space Dandy's artistic integrity. It will only attract two types - people who really hate Space Dandy and people who really love Space Dandy. And having two extreme viewpoints attracted to the exact same article usually doesn't bode well for a conversation, especially a levelheaded one.

I'd probably not give a single fig for this Kotaku article except that, to me, it really simplifies what makes Space Dandy so humorous and wonderful and reduces it to a silly visual gag series and the antithesis of Cowboy Bebop. Really, the two barely share any similarities! Also, apparently he has a yen against episodic series (which is more evident in the comments)?

Can we just send this to every mainstream Space Dandy article
which tries to make the same tired comparison?
To really put the icing on the cake, this statement at the end - "I just happen to enjoy humor more complex than what Space Dandy has to offer" - is incredibly arrogant and pretentious. Yes, thank you for making your readers feel lesser for enjoying the show's humor which is so below you. 

Hey, my humor doesn't have to be ridiculously complicated for me to enjoy it, but it should have some depth to it. And I think that's what Space Dandy brings. It tackles visual gags, puns, irony, and satire with a bombastic hand. Someone get this guy a copy of Muromi-san or Azumanga Daioh because his exposure to comedic anime seems limited. But hey, that's just my opinion, man.

(I'm also just going to ignore the person in the comments saying anime is "devoid of any worthwhile humor" because holy incorrect generalizations, Batman!)

PS - Space Dandy fans, don't be that guy who sends death threats to people who disagree with your opinions. I sincerely doubt Watanabe-san is personally injured by a Kotaku article. The dandy guy in space will go on regardless.