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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Breaking News: Nickelodeon Apparently Determined To Make Korra The Last Avatar

Edit: IGN has a full report on the Legend of Korra panel at SDCC 2014, containing details on the future of the show.

Let's be honest: Legend of Korra has had its problems, from a bumpy season two to obnoxious love triangles and low ratings, but recently fans had been falling back in love with the adventures of Korra and crew in Republic City with its newest season. Season three of Korra has been more amusing and entertaining that it's been since it's premiere. Good news, right?

Now Nickelodeon has decided that pulling in one million viewers every Friday night is no longer good enough for Avatar Korra.

The Outhousers has reported that Nickelodeon is pulling the last five episodes of Legend of Korra from the schedule. This Friday's episode will still air as planned, but all episodes beyond it are up in the air. The news comes right before San Diego's Comic Con, where Nick will be hosting their own Korra panel to promote the show, in what is now a well scheduled moment of irony.

Korra's future may lie in what is announced at the Friday SDCC panel. The only hint of what is to come has been from showrunner Bryan Konietzko's Tumblr, who posted a picture of Korra shivering in the snow. The text reads "KORRA NOT CANCELLED. MOVING TO DIGITAL. WE'LL TALK AT SDCC. THANKS FOR CARING." Speculation is split between Korra going online and Korra ending up on a digital channel such as Nicktoons, which would require subscribing to a service such as Charter or AT&T Uverse and paying for the correct channel tiers.

Rest assured, the eyes of Korra Nation shall be upon SDCC tomorrow evening for some good news pertaining to their favorite bender.