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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Signal Boost: Make Your Japanese Lessons Kanjilicious

Let's be honest: learning Japanese is hard. Whether it's written or spoken, it's a very complex and layered language. A lot goes into learning the basics and building up from that, and a lot of people never move on from the basics due to becoming frustrated or not having enough resources.

Recently, I've had a Kickstarter for Japanese language students brought to my attention: the Kanjilicious mobile game campaign, which brings learning kanji to your mobile phone and makes it an interactive game. This game came into being because of the creator's son, Genji, who is currently learning the Japanese characters - over one thousand of them.

Kanjilicious will present users with a series of flashcards that instruct on things such as pronunciation and conjugating the characters (ooh, my inner high school Spanish language student just cringed a bit at the thought of conjugation). It then becomes a game, as friends challenge friends to answer a series of kanji-based prompts

Right now, Kanjilicious has fifteen days to go and is only a third of the way to being fully funded. It looks like a seriously fun way to learn Japanese characters. Consider pledging to this Kickstarter campaign; Japanese language students can always use new resources, especially when it's a swipe away on their phone!