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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Three Years Down, Nagareboshi Reviews!

Vocaloid fanart by artist にわ子.
July 7, 2011 is the date Nagareboshi Reviews truly started up in earnest, so every July I at least try to highlight the fact that despite all the odds, this wee manga and anime blog still lives and is still updated. So, a belated happy birthday, blog! You come a long way, baby. There's been times when I thought I would close up shop, not have time to give this blog the proper love it needs, but yet here we are, entering a fourth year. Crazy but true!

This blog has always been a labor of love and little else. I've never done it to be any great blogger, or to get review copies or anything (which is good, because on that count, I've only ever gotten one!) or even tout some kind of status as press at anime conventions. I wanted to make a space for myself to share my thoughts and fangirlish glee about Japanese media, and from that desire, Nagareboshi Reviews was born. And it's been so much fun. I dare say, I'll be saying the same thing this time next year, unless fate (or hitsuzen) decides otherwise.

Thank you for reading my blog so far. Here we go, the fourth year of Nagareboshi Reviews really starts up now!