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Sunday, July 3, 2011

First Post! In Which I Introduce Myself ♥

In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit. Okay, not a hobbit, a fangirl. And one day she decided to start a blog about anime and manga, because she apparently liked those kinds of things very much, and called it Nagareboshi Reviews because the idea of naming a blog after the Japanese for 'shooting star' despite her lack of fluency in the language pleased her. And they all lived happily ever after – the end. Or not.

Who am I? Sarah: a fangirl by birth and by occupation. I'd bet you never guess it but anime and manga are two of my most favorite things of all things. Really! My first anime series was Pokemon so that should properly date me, shouldn't it? My first manga came a little while after, back when Tokyopop and Viz and similar companies still sold series by the chapter, and it was either Cardcaptor Sakura or the Gundam Wing adaptation (with the hilarious Wing/G Gundam gag 4-komas at the end of each one - shame the GN release cut those out!).

I remember Toonami and proper Saturday morning anime, 4Kids and WB and Fox Kids and the advent of adult swim's anime line-up. I remember the first Shonen Jump (and the first Shoujo Beat) and even Super Manga Blast! – and I remember when single issue manga started disappearing and tankoubon editions replaced them completely. I remember anime on VHS and when you could rent episodes of Devil Hunter Yohko from the local Blockbusters. I remember the fall of Geneon and when Crunchyroll went legit and the rise of the fujoshi in the North American market (God bless us rotten girls!) and when Hetalia was licensed aka when Tokyopop got the license to print money - although even that didn't save them in the end. I was there, man! Well, as there as I'll ever be.

But that’s enough of the past. Let’s look to the future – a future full of reviews and meta essays and thinky thoughts on things like moe and yaoi and squid girls abound. What will Nagareboshi Reviews be bringing you in the near future? Well, how about reviews of the summer 2011 season of anime – including the newest season of Natsume Yuujinchou and CLAMP’s addition to the Blood+ canon? And there’s manga reviews of course; currently in my stack o’ manga to be reviewed are the latest volumes of Bleach, Naruto, and Soul Eater as well as the first English omnibus edition of Cross Game (what can I say, I love shonen!).

If you want to keep track of exactly what I’m watching/reading, you can follow me via my MyAnimeList page! And if you wanna talk to me in 140 characters or less, you can contact me via my TwitterI hope to get to know and talk to all of my readers very soon, and this blog of mine will soon be full of posts you can read and enjoy. Thank you for stopping by – maybe you’ll come back soon? ♥


Julie Lynn Hayes said...

Very nicely done! I'm looking forward to reading your reviews!

The Seventh L said...


Thanks, babe! ♥

GaoSalad said...

I know you in real life, but this was still informative! So glad my friends are blogging too! BLOG BUDDIES!

The Seventh L said...

@GaoSalad Yay, blog buddies! :D Thank you!

Katie said...

I remember us watching Devil Hunter Yohko and Ranma 1/2 from Blockbuster! :D

And remember when I bought Sailor Moon on VHS from Toys R Us? :)

I'm looking forward to your reviews, especially of stuff from the new season. Ganbatte! :3

The Seventh L said...


Yesss! Back when Toys R Us sold anything worth buying (still bitter that no American TRU stocked the Sixth Doctor action figure like they said they would WHOVIAN RAGE).

Yay! Thank you! I hope I don't disappoint you, bb ♥

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