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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

News Post!

It would only make sense that on occasion, Nagareboshi Reviews let its readers know about some of the more awesome things going on in anime and manga these days. Therefore, enjoy this Wednesday night news post!

Yen Press: Miss Alexia Tarabotti has come to call! Yen Press has announced the debut of the series Soulless in their monthly manga magazine YEN+; it is an adaptation of the same teapunk series of the same name by author Gail Carriger - a dazzling world of steampunk and vampires and werewolves combined with Victorian sensibilities and parasols galore. Even people burnt out on the supernatural genre should check out this latest manga and pick up the newest YEN+ as soon as possible.

Vertical: Vertical's First Summer Blockbuster. Talking about A Caring Man, the thriller debut novel by Akira Akai. Looks to be an exciting read! I'll make my library buy it for sure.

Funimation: Amazing Anime Sales! Up To 60% Off! The sale on Dragon Boxes (box sets of remastered uncut Dragon Ball Z) sounds amazing. Of course, any time there's a sale, that's good news! :)

MangaGamer: Kara no Shoujo. The visual novel KnJ is out! I'm playing the free demo at the moment, but I can't imagine me not buying the game eventually. MG's releases are so quality, they are definitely worth the money. Warning: the game can get pretty gory - plus, it is a visual novel, which usually means the main protag gets laid. Multiple times.

Share your favorite anime/manga related news in the comments!

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Katie said...

Awesome links! ♥ Thinking about buying Claymore, Ouran, Sengoku Basara, Trigun or Baccano.

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