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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Breaking News: Toonami Is Back. No, Really.

Citizens who spent their after-school weekdays watching a block of dubbed anime like Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing hosted by a sassy blue robot on the TV box, rejoice. Your beloved has returned.

ANN: Adult Swim Brings Back Toonami Starting On May 26

Yes, apparently the #BringBackToonami campaign from April Fools' Day succeeded. Remember that? Adult Swim brought back Toonami for one night and Twitter anime fandom rose up to take the bait, starting a massive hastag campaign to make it permanent? Rock on, fandom. You did good this time.

Naturally, the buzz is now centered around this bit of news:
The network has not yet announced its lineup for the new block.
So - what do y'all want to see on this new Toonami? I'd personally would either want a return of the old block, or as many of the shows they can bring back without legal issues (Sailor Moon being one particular title that will be hard to air again), or a new schedule of shows that maintain the spirit of old school Toonami. So, weird wacky action anime that can entertain teens and adults alike.

Also, I'm officially throwing my hat in favor of Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt being on any new Toonami line-up, if not [as] in general. It truly belongs. And if they can partner it with programs like Baccano! and Accel World, then that would be doubly awesome. But I guess an otaku can dream, right?