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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Free Comic Book Day 2012!

Oh, sweet sweet Free Comic Book Day. How I love thee! What a perfect way to get exposed to comics I might have missed any other time and read samples of my favorite series! I went to my local comic book shop, the Fantasy Shop, which had a limit of five per customer this year. That's fine by me, but it did make choosing just five a little tricky.

Here are the five I picked up:

  1. Mouse Guard: Labyrinth And Other Stories. Publisher: Archaia Entertainment. Pretty handsome book - hard cover! And the art looks absolutely delightful. Probably the best free comic I've picked up yet, quality wise.
  2. Yo Gabba Gabba!. Publisher: Oni Press. So cute! I'm not the biggest YGG! fan but I watch it occasionally and the comic is a fun read.
  3. My Favorite Martian. Publisher: Hermes Press. You guys. You guyssss. I can't even. They're re-releasing the original My Favorite Martian comics and this is awesome. Now I want to re-watch the original TV series. Good job, Hermes Press!
  4. Adventure Time With Finn & Jake. Publisher: Kaboom! This is really the comic I've been waiting months for. I can't wait to devour it wholly, then buy the comics ASAP. Look, there's BMO!
  5. The Stuff of Legend. Publisher: Th3rd World Studios. I love this series - I even reviewed the first volume of comics - so this is a good reminder to keep reading the series. Plus, it looks like they'll be releasing the first two graphic novels in omnibus format soon. Can't wait to pick that up!
Also, my mom picked up an Avengers comic. I only flipped through it, but it looks excellent. A lot of characters that won't be in the new film, I'm sure.
So, what did everyone else pick up at their local shops? Did y'all pick up different comics? Let me know! Especially if your comic book shop gave out more than just free comics!