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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Retribution: Accel World 6

Spoiler warning: Spoilers for the sixth episode of Accel World beyond this point. Don't read if you have not watched!

Accel World episode 6: The battle between Silver Crow and Cyan Pile ends with Silver Crow’s victory. Having reconciled with Takumu, Haruyuki now focuses on training to level up in Accel World. (Source: Hulu)

Well, that was interesting! It was really more about the characters than Brain Burst, although the opening sequence with the Blue King was certainly intriguing. We’re finally seeing more of the Level Nines of the game! Although I have to admit, Kuro’s avatar is cooler looking. But then Kuro is awesome.

It seems like the main focus of this episode was Takumu and Chiyu. Takumu is really doing his best to make it up to Haruyuki for the whole Cyan Pile debacle, including helping him level up. Which ends up being a bad idea, because guess who doesn’t understand that leveling up costs points? Yup.

(In retrospect, Haruyuki should know better, especially if he plays a lot of online games. Or is this not a thing? The last major online role playing game I played was . . . Diablo 2, yikes. Still.)

Despite his good intentions, Takumu may not be so ‘over’ his anti-Kuro phase as previously thought, if the ending is anything to go by. Why is Kuro looking up Takumu’s stats – and why are they accelerating at the hospital? Because I’m sure if they fight, Kuro may not survive, given her low point status. 

Having said that, Kuro is pretty damn crafty and she may survive a fight against Cyan Pile yet. If that is what is going on anyway. Bloody cliffhangers!

And it looks like Chiyu is to soon join everyone in Brain Burst, which should be interesting. I think it’s understandable that she would feel upset over what Haruyuki and Takumu have told her – but at least they’ve tried to bring her into the fold instead of keeping her in the dark. 

Also, the slippers! The fact that both she and Haruyuki have kept their old slippers is adorable. I have to imagine this will play into the story later, perhaps something to do with Takumu not having his slippers. A metaphor for him slipping away from the group?

Plus, Chiyu and the ice cream was adorbs. She lets her boys know she’s not upset anymore by making them eat ice cream with her. That’s a lot of ice cream! I actually didn’t think it was ice cream at first; I wondered why Haruyuki bought so many cakes. Whoops.

As for the introduction of Aqua Current, Haru’s bodyguard? She is so cute. Glasses! Sporty hair! And her interactions with Haruyuki are ten kinds of wonderful. I can’t wait to see more of her, especially her avatar in Brain Burst. 

Although I really hope this doesn’t turn into a Haruyuki/Aqua/Kuro love triangle, because I really find love triangles outside of shoujo terribly contrived and irritating. Or they could mix it up and make it Aqua/Kuro, heh heh heh. Wait, who let the yuri fangirl write Accel World reviews? Gah!

So: in usual Accel World style, I’m left wanting the next episode right away due to those cliffhangers they do so well. What will Kuro and Takumu get up to in the hospital? What will be revealed over direct link between Aqua and Haruyuki? And did Chiyu ever finish all of her ice cream? (Insert old school soap opera chord of dramatic narration here.) I guess we’ll find out this weekend!

You can always watch subbed streaming episodes of Accel World at the series page on Hulu as well as at Viz’s page for the series.