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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bizarre Music Post Of The Day

Major hat tip to the Livejournal community contemode for sharing this story!

Via Japan Today: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to sing theme song for Japanese release of 'Star Trek Into Darkness'. The latest Star Trek film by Fringe director J.J. Abrams will hit Japanese theater screens on August 23rd., during which film-goers will hear a Japan exclusive track by Kyary.

From the article: "[J.J. Abrams] said he chose Kyary Pamyu Pamyu because she perfectly fits the song’s image, Sankei Shimbun reported."

I'd really like to hear this song, half out of morbid curiosity and half because she might actually do a good job. Kyary is an artist whose music is very hyper sugar-fed pop with a psychotic twist, which doesn't really fit into the foreboding tone of the film or its score - although her bizarre PV outfits would fit in nicely in an episode of the original series!