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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June News/Blog Round-Up Post

Like an Internet magpie, I gather up all the shiny interesting things and bring them to you. So, is this post like my nest? I suppose so!

  • Yuri ni Boke shares about the yuri webcomic Princess Princess, in which a crossdressing princess rescues her fair maiden princess and they go on an adventure. It sounds like a great series! I already have the Princess Princess wallpaper; these girls are so cute!
  • Ponta Abadi at Ms. Magazine points out what should be obvious but apparently isn't: women make up about half of all gamers. You never would have guessed if you had seen the Microsoft presentation at E3, which was dude central. Compare that to Nintendo, whose latest slew of video games had a wide variety of female protagonists (and oh my God, Wii Fit lady is already Pixiv-famous). Warning: post contains offensive slurs/language.
  • One of my favorite blogs, Organization Anti-Social Geniuses, is looking for writers! They are especially looking for people who can blog about currently airing anime series.
  • The Anime Nation News Blog has a brilliant idea for an anime series. It's got my tech nerd heart all a-flutter. I'd watch the heck out of Black Hat: The Animation.
  • Lastly, the oldest surviving Japanese anime production has been recovered. It is called Mole's Adventure, it was originally aired on TV in 1958, and runs just under nine minutes. You can see screenshots of the short here.