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Monday, March 10, 2014

Interesting Vocaloid PV Of The Day

Heard of OSTER Project? She's a member of the always growing Vocaloid fandom, the kind that creates their own original content using the Vocaloid software and voice banks. She's been making music out of Miku Hatsune's voice since 2007 and is very active in the doujinshi music fandom. Judging by her discography, OSTER Project has been ridiculously productive, and 2014 has been no different for her.

This year, OSTER Project has released a new album, "Attractive Museum", which includes fourteen tracks of sweet Vocaloid jams. The CD jacket art is by artist Y-oji, who has become a regular contributor with OP over the years. He also made the art for the below PV of one of the songs off of "Attractive Museum", which can be watched below.

Y'all like Wizard of Oz, right? How about a 20-minute Vocaloid PV based on it?

I think I'll be checking out some of the other tracks from OSTER Project's latest album. How about y'all?