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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: Everything Broken Can Be Fixed

Namaste, readers! Welcome to another installment of Wednesday Briefs! We are continuing our journey in the LOST 'verse, guided by everyone's favorite accidental time traveler, Desmond Hume. He's back and more determined than ever. But will he find Daniel Faraday in time? Will anyone ever make it hope alive? And what will Hurley do with all of these Apollo Bars? I hope you stick around and find out!
Constants and Variables (Part 2/?): LOST, Desmond Hume-centric, PG-13, prompt - “Do you think he's going to be okay?”
Canon note: Takes place during season five of LOST, albeit an AU take on said events in episode six, "316". It's actually ridiculously AU because it fucks with two major plot points, one involving Desmond and one involving Daniel, both of which will become evident as soon as the story kicks into gear. Spoilers for the rest of season five and events in season six are within. Eventual Desmond/Daniel and implied Juliet/Sawyer & Jack/Kate.
There are (at least) three separate realities for Desmond Hume.

The third involves being kidnapped by Charles Widmore and being brought back to the island by force. In this reality, Desmond Hume is a weapon. He is a tool. His body, which has survived repeated exposure from unorthodox electromagnetic forces, becomes the most important body in the world.
He removes the stopper on the light of the world, and everything goes to hell.
This is not that reality.
Desmond had met Miles Straume, briefly, back when things made half sense. Well, 'back' as in the current time's future, but to be honest, Desmond had enough on his mind without arguing time travel semantics. The last time he had seen Miles, it was right before the younger man had gone to find Charlotte in the jungle, before Desmond would be swept away off the island and eventually back to Penny.
But when he catches Miles in the middle of a game of dominoes with Hurley, it feels like he's known the medium for so much longer. Perhaps there was another memory laying half-buried in his brain, like the vision of Daniel in his dreams, making him promise to search out Eloise Hawking? Anything was becoming possible.
"Dude!" Hurley is all too happy to see the Scot again, away from the Dharma Initiative workers. "Come on, man, sit down. D'you want an Apollo bar or something?"
Desmond laughs. "Believe me, I've had my fill of those." Hurley, he thinks, was impossible in all the best ways. In the middle of so much high drama, Hurley still manages to keep his cool and stay jovial through it all. If anyone was the true heart of the island, it was Hugo Reyes. "Actually, I was hoping to ask Miles here a question."
Miles snaps a tile on the board before leaning back into the couch cushion. "You're gonna ask about Faraday, aren't you?"
Hurley glances between Miles and Desmond, who was still standing. "Should I leave you two to this or?"
"It won't take that long." Miles sighs. "Sorry, Hume, I know you probably want to know where he is. Hell, I'd like to know too. For all I know, he's run off into the jungle, completely loopy."
Desmond frowns, wrinkles forming between his brows. "Why would Faraday do a silly thing like that - did something happen?" Besides, if anyone knew anything about running off into the jungle, it was Desmond. And he had been naked to boot. “Do you think he's going to be okay?”
"Charlotte, dude." Hurley looks a little sad as he explains. "Faraday was kinda in love with her."
Hurley's words are a stone weighing heavy in Desmond's chest. He had had no idea, but why would he have? He could not even imagine what pain Daniel Faraday was going through at that exact moment. Desmond had been able to come back to Penny only because of Faraday, and now Faraday had lost his own special person, without any chance of return, all because of the bloody island.
Desmond's face must have betrayed his inner thought process, because Hurley was quick to placate his feelings. "Hey, you didn't know. 'Sides, if Dan was in trouble, he'd use the walkies, right?" The second part was more directed at Miles.
Miles shrugs. "I mean, our personal walkies? I've still got mine but I have no idea if Faraday still has his walkie on him now. Also, now that we're in the past, they probably don't work. Our unique frequency might be being used by one of the stations so we can't risk it."
"But what if it's not?" Desmond's face lights up with something like hope. "Miles, can I use your walkie?"
"Dude, don't even try to stop him," Hurley interjects. "He went all Quantum Leap on us just to leave."
Miles huffs. "So what, you're gonna mess around with my walkie in the hopes that Daniel is on the frequency?"
Desmond does not even blink. "Yes, sir. I've fixed radios in the past, including in the Royal Scottish Army. I even took apart my wife's alarm clock once."
"...And put it back together?"
"Of course, brotha, what else would I do?"
And that's how Desmond Hume finds himself in Miles Straume's quarters, holding a walkie whose identical brother is hopefully hanging around in the pocket of one Daniel Faraday. One step closer towards the future and being free, permanently.
With the walkie as well as a repair kit nicked from the Flame station in a Dharma Initiative approved rucksack, Desmond heads towards a safe place in camp where he can tinker. The Flame station has people constantly coming and going, and the chance of being overheard is too great. This is why he also has a quickly drawn map, courtesy of Hurley, who even offered to give Desmond an alibi if someone asks after him.

The weight on his shoulder quickly reminds Desmond of what he has set out to do. He heads towards a place already scarred by memories of days not yet there: the radio tower.
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