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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: You're Gonna Carry That Weight

Welcome back to Wednesday Briefs! Here comes the latest installment of my ongoing LOST fanfiction. Last week, Desmond confronted Miles about the whereabouts of Daniel Faraday and ended with a new sense of direction. If you are behind, you can read part one and part two before continuing onward!
Constants and Variables (Part 3/?): LOST, Desmond Hume-centric, PG-13, prompt - "Why are you asking me these questions?".
Canon note: Takes place during season five of LOST, albeit an AU take on said events in episode six, "316". It's actually ridiculously AU because it fucks with two major plot points, one involving Desmond and one involving Daniel, both of which will become evident as soon as the story kicks into gear. Spoilers for the rest of season five and events in season six are within. Eventual Desmond/Daniel and implied Juliet/Sawyer & Jack/Kate.
This chapter runs concurrent with the events of "Whatever Happened, Happened".

Desmond Hume has two constants. His X and his Y. Penelope Widmore and Daniel Faraday. One is safe at home. The other is lost, thirty years plus from where they should be. There is an island that can move through time and a organization who is tapping into that island's power. In the future, there will be a hatch with a computer counting down towards its own inevitable destruction. But not if something can be done.
Desmond Hume is no hero, but he's going to save the world. He's going to save his constants. It's a job he's gotten used to.
The weight on his shoulder quickly reminds Desmond of what he has set out to do. He heads towards a place already scarred by memories of days not yet there: the radio tower. Luckily for him, no one is paying him much attention. The Dharma camp is occupied with other matters. Desmond does as he always does—walks with purpose, shoulders straight and head high, and no one gives him grief.
He reaches the immediate outskirts of the camp when the sound of his own name stops him.
Hesitantly, Desmond turns to see Jack jog up to join him. Judging by the dirt and sweat that cover his arms and face, the man is in desperate need of a good shower. Jack swipes a dot of sweat that had been falling across his brow with the back of his hand.
"What's going on, Desmond?" Jack's eyes fall upon the rucksack hanging off of Desmond's shoulder. "Not really the best time to go camping."
Desmond frowns. Still, he has no reason not to trust the doctor. Not now at least. "I'm heading toward the radio tower. I think—I hope—I can contact Faraday through there."
"Faraday? Daniel? Why do you need him?"
"He's important to me. He has the answers to what's been happening to me, I know it."
"He's a physicist," Jack points out, "who just lost a friend and is who knows where."
"He's the man who brought me back to reality," Desmond argues. "If it weren't for him, I'd still be bouncing between past and present like a broken yo-yo."
Jack takes a step forward. "Listen, Des. I'm sure this is very important to you, but right now we have bigger things to worry about. There's Ben and the island and . . . and why Daniel? Why now? Is he why you came back after all?"
"Why are you asking me these questions?" Desmond's step forward is far more confrontational that Jack's. His eyes stay locked with Jack's as he speaks. "You're the one who convinced me I had to come back. So now that I have, now that I realize what my purpose might be, you want to stop me? You might be lost, but I'm not. I know exactly where I'm going. And it's to that radio tower."
"I could stop you."
"But you won't."
A final attempt from Jack: "Charlie needed you."
"Charlie's dead." Desmond's eyes are hard. That line lost its wounding sting days ago. "And I will carry his weight on my soul for the rest of my life. Until then, I'll keep doing what I do. Moving forward. You should probably sort yourself out first, brotha, before coming after me."
Jack is left to silently watch Desmond walk into the forest, alone.

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