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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: Dust In The Wind

Was your mind blown by last week's Wednesday Briefs? Good, because there's more of that this week! In this latest installment of our LOST tale, Desmond and his mysterious benefactor goes against the dreaded fence. Who will win, man or electricity? Let's see...
Constants and Variables (Part 6/?): LOST, Desmond Hume-centric, PG-13, prompt - “What time did you say it was?, a character running late”.
Canon note: AU take on seasons five and six, with an emphasis on Desmond Hume and Daniel Faraday. Endgame ships: Desmond/Daniel, Juliet/Sawyer, Jack/Kate. Turns AU during the events of "316". Spoilers for the entire series of LOST, mainly the last two seasons. In these recent chapters, events will run concurrent with the events of "Whatever Happened, Happened" and "Dead Is Dead" in season five.
Previous chapters: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five
"Okay, so how will we know that the fence is down?" Desmond cannot see any obvious marker that the fence is active or not. If he hadn't known any better, the space between the towers looks clear and safe to walk through—and he would have turned to dust.

Jacob looks at him as if the answer is more obvious than the Scot can see. "Easy." He walks back to the edge of the forest and plucks a handful of stones from the dirt. Desmond barely has time to blink before a stone comes hurling past his face, slamming into the invisible fence before sizzling into a pile of debris.
"That's how," Jacob finishes. He hands Desmond half of the rocks. "Shouldn't be too long now."
"Why are you helping me? What am I supposed to be doing?"
Jacob tilts his head at the other man. "Only you know that. I'm here to find out." He smiles. "It's gonna be fun seeing what happens."
Desmond swallows hard and looks back at the fence. The stones in his hands seem heavier than they look. This Jacob fellow reminds him a bit of one of the original Oceanic survivors, the one who found him in his hatch and consequently led to its destruction. He wonders what has become of John Locke, wherever he may be.
He throws one of his rocks at the fence. Unfortunately, it turns into dust like the other one. "How often should we do this?"
"Every ten seconds should do it." Jacob shrugs. "Honestly, they should be at the pass soon."
"How do you know?"
"I can feel it." Jacob's eyes seem to light up with his words. "As long as he's on the island, I can feel his presence."
"I hope you're not some kind a' dullahan," Desmond mumbles under his breath, invoking the name of the mythological faerie from his childhood storybooks. He fails to see the odd look that crosses Jacob's face as he does.
After a while, Desmond asks, "What time did you say it was?"
"Time enough." Jacob chucks another rock into the air, where it crashes into electricity invisible. "The doctor must have been held up."
"I don't have time for this," Desmond growls, and without thinking, he flings one of his stones through the fence. It lands on the other side with a solid thunk. The two men stare at it, glinting amid the short grass, before it clicks.
"Go!" And with that, Jacob grabs Desmond by the sleeve and throws him across the threshold. The Scot lands clear on the opposite side, banging his knees and elbows on the ground in the process. His bag falls off his shoulder and drops in the grass only a foot away from him. He didn't expect the man called Jacob to have such a killer throwing arm, but he also didn't expect to be thrown in the first place.
He's about to turn and see what has become of Jacob, if he's cleared the fence as well, when something sparks in the corner of his eye. It's a bright light that flashes for a second and erases any doubt of what has happened. There's a smell of burnt fabric in the air.
When Desmond does turn around, it is to see Jacob on his side of the force field. Only Jacob is lying on the ground, in clothes that look like they've been through a wildfire, and as Desmond draws close, he isn't moving.

What have I done? Desmond thinks. He looks upon Jacob's dead body in horror and his mind goes blank except for one thought: he has just brought about the death of the one person who could have helped him find Faraday.

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